Technology is our passion,
providing value is our mission.

Improving the function
or reducing the cost.

As an outgrowth of Intelatech, (a Samsung Semiconductor authorized Canadian Representative since 1988), BKR Electronics has grown to become a distributor of various electronics components with a focus on value added engineering.

BKR Electronics provides a unique combination of design expertise and technologies from our comprehensive range of world-leading suppliers.

We are your technical partner to help solve design challenges.

BKR's own team of product engineers, managers and sales executives have an uncommon dedication to their work and to the customer.

We have grown through the spotting of new and disruptive technologies and have invested and partnered with specialty vendors, which provide engineering value, through increasing functions or reducing the costs of various electronic components.

BKR Electronics' personalized service and custom supply chain solutions have earned us our customer's repeat business. From engineering and design consultation to final delivery confirmation, the company provides its clients with an unparalleled level of support, service and value.

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Often a standard component may be all that is required, but some times simplifying complex electronics is needed to compete profitably in today's market.