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Custom Cable Assemblies

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A spe·ci·al·i·ty distributor of custom cable, wire harness and mechanical assemblies.

With our manufacturing partners in Asia, BKR Electronics provides custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, mechanical assemblies and subassemblies.

Our team includes a skilled labor force working in a lean manufacturing environment, with in-house engineering support and automated equipment. Whether your application is simple or complex, standard or custom, we have the manufacturing expertise to deliver a solution that will meet your requirements.

We have the ability to manufacture high volume production runs, but we especially excel at small- to medium-sized production requirements.

If you have a project ready for quote, or your concept is in the design and development stage, we are ready to help. We understand how important communication and quick response times are today—and run our business accordingly.

Whether you are looking for a customized connector solution, a complete turn-key cable assembly solution or custom wiring to simplify machine assembly, BKR is your one source for proven, reliable and innovative results.

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Custom Wire Harnesses

BKR Electronics provides solutions that will meet UL & CSA standards. Our partners are ISO 9001:2015 certified in addition to being IATF 16949:2016 certified for automobile industry manufacturing. The facilities are audited annually to maintain the highest quality standards required by our industry.

The state of the art production facilities, include a dedicated team of people with years of manufacturing experience and expertise who design and produce custom wire harness assemblies to meet the most stringent specifications. Whether your needs are for low volume or high production runs, we will provide the highest quality assemblies.

Custom Cable Assemblies

BKR provides optimal price-performance for your custom cable assemblies. From initial design, functional prototypes to full production run, we have you covered on all aspects required for a successful program.

If you are dealing with an application with difficult requirements, let our qualified and leading cable assembly manufacturer meet your unique challenges.

Whether you have existing specifications and drawings ready for quote and manufacture, or you're looking for a top engineering team to help design your custom cable solution, we work in tandem with your specifications and budgetary expectations to fulfill all your industrial requirements.

PCB Antenna Cable and Assemblies

With extensive experience in antenna technologies from concept-to-completion, BKR can provide a custom design or build from your specification. By understanding the unique complexity of each customer’s application, we can provide a compact, high performing solution, available in multiple form factors for all common antenna protocols and frequencies used in IoT, automotive, industrial and medical applications.

High Frequency Equipment
Base Station
Wireless Products
Communication Products
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Wireless Local Area Network
Outdoor Base Station

High Speed Cable Assemblies

Loss and distortion associated with the highest performance PCB materials are driving the trend toward taking high-speed signals out of the PCB and routing them via copper twin axial cable, where impedance, skew, crosstalk, and reflections can be much better controlled.

BKR can support your requirements for high-speed cable assemblies. Supporting the latest high-speed standards, requirements for engineered assemblies for 56Gps and more can be met. Signal integrity and system architecture expertise allow us to provide one of the highest performing product lines. These cable assemblies are at the forefront of next-generation connectivity that support aggregate data rates of 25, 50, 100 and 200 Gbps.

RF / EMI High Frequency Cable Assemblies

A leading provider of radio frequency products, including performance microwave cable assemblies and coaxial components that connect, protects and controls critical applications. Applications that require support for high performance operations. Many applications have a need for high durability, or may be in harsh environments such as commercial aviation, medical, rail, semiconductor test, wireless telecommunications, and industrial markets.

Discrete Wire Cable Assemblies

BKR offers standard products for prototyping, with custom assemblies also available to meet the design needs after prototyping is complete. We offer a range of options, such as single or dual-ended, straight or branched, dressed, twisted and more, to meet a design’s specific requirements. To help give our customers more options for routing, we can include various options such as heat shrink tubing, cable ties and more.

Coaxial Round Cable Assembly

Working with leaders in the RF manufacturing industry, BKR provides comprehensive capability, which integrates a strong research and development team with production and application support for RF cable assemblies. From traditional configurations to custom, multi-port and bundled solutions, from flexible assemblies to semi-flexible, from semi rigid to rigid assemblies BKR ensures you get the right RF cable assembly for your application’s needs.

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

BKR custom ribbon cable assemblies are available for a wide variety of applications. Let us help you with reducing your assembly costs or reducing weight to meet your dynamic flexing requirements. Ribbon cable and harness assemblies can be built using standard insulation displacement connectors or many other types of connectors to meet your custom design requirements. We can also include shielding, folding, selective adhesive and printing.

Overmolding Cable Assemblies

Overmolded cable products can now be used in almost every industry and application while being able to withstand the rigors of the most demanding environments while allowing for soft tactile feel when required. BKR offers multi-shot injection moulding which injects multiple materials into the cavity during the same moulding cycle. Insert over moulding is also available, which uses a pre-moulded insert placed into the mould before injecting the second material.

Electro Mechanical Cable Assemblies

Why work with separate vendors when our experienced production team can provide a turnkey solution, which combines your electro mechanical and cable assembly into a single part. Machined parts, motors, fans, actuators, sensors, metal or plastic components are just some examples of our capability. Our highly trained staff of engineers, production planning personnel and manufacturing teams will ensure the success of your program.

Power Cable Assemblies

We design, engineer and manufacture power cables assemblies with either discrete wires or with overmolded cables. We provide assemblies for all types of heavy-duty and industrial applications that require flexibility and reliability. Custom lengths, shielding, angled connectors, strain relief are just some of the options our customers ask us to include in their designs. We continue to meet the challenge of greater high current densities in space constrained requirements.

Control Panel, Box Cable Assemblies

Custom control panels are used to enclose controls, house electronics or electrical connections. Many have a need to be protected in a factory environment, outdoor environment or from harsh conditions. BKR offers a complete custom interconnect solution to meet your application. This includes cable assemblies, enclosures, terminal block and panels. Customers see performance that is greater by having the unit assembled in a factory, as opposed to out in the field.

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