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A spe·ci·al·i·ty distributor of
TFT Displays, Touch Panels,
Monitors, PIDs and Panel PCs

BKR Electronics has partnered with several display vendors, whose range of products allow us to offer standard, modified and custom solutions. Each vendor combines a specific expertise with design engineering talent to offer leading edge Displays, Monitors and Panel PCs for the healthcare, communications and industrial applications marketplace.

We offer the widest range of display products available from one source. Our unrivalled technical customer support, can assist with your vendor consolidation goals, and cost reduction programs. All our displays are compliant to industrial standards including safety and environmental.

The product designs are robust, high quality and very flexible. This allows us to provide value-add engineering for customer designs where a standard display will not meet the requirements.

Our partners are vertically integrated, with highly efficient facilities, and strongly committed to quality and service excellence. This has allowed us to provide high-value custom engineered display solutions to many satisfied customers.

Innovation and development of TFT-LCD technologies, include vivid colours, clear definition, wide view angles, thin and light structure, energy-conserving, green, and eco-friendly designs.

Our pledge is to serve our customers by continuing to improve their visual experience. Recognizing your need to lower costs and get products to market faster, our team delivers your solution on time and on budget.

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All products are designed to be flexible to ensure seamless system integration at any level. From re-branding to software and hardware configuration, every product may be customized to fit your needs. Displays are offered in a variety of aspect ratios (4:3, 5:4, 16:9, & 16:10). They are also available with or without touch technologies, (PCAP, Resistive, Infrared, & SAW).

Imaging and Surgical Displays 15” To 32“ UHD 4K

Rugged Tablets & Mobile Displays: 7” to12”

Smart Displays Panel PC 10” to 20”

Open Frame 7“ to 22”

Desktop Enclosed 5” To 32”

All-In-One Computer Display 7” To 22”

High Brightness Industrial Displays 10.4” to 32”

P-Cap monitors with PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Example of Modifications Available

Certifications and Quality

A new generation of
SAW touch monitors.

Rugged, Mobile Tablets,
Handhelds and Fixed-Mount Displays

Public Information Displays

(PIDs) Our product portfolio includes a number of professional solutions for a variety of applications. We help make the solutions you imagine possible, with best-in-class digital display panels through relentless innovation and discovery.

Outdoor Displays

Indoor Displays

Video Walls

Stretch Displays

Longevity and Dependability
Flexible Design

Brightness and Color Uniformity

Display Modules

We offer various types of display modules including, FSTN / STN LCD Display Modules, COG LCD, TFT LCD Displays. We actively engage our customers early in the design phase to ensure a high-quality experience and effective solutions for all production needs. We put our years of LCD experience and understanding of the complete LCD module system, to provide a smooth transition from design concept, to prototype, through pilot runs, and into high-volume production.

  • Graphic Display Modules

    80 x 64 Characters To
    640 x480 Characters

  • Numeric LCD Modules

    7, 14 and 16 segment digit

  • Embedded Display Modules

    Included with the LCD, controller board,
    backlight driver, and integrated touch screen.


    1.5” to 12.3”
    Sunlight Readable

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