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From RF to Fibre Optic
From Board Level to Backplane
From Terminal Blocks To DIN Rail Connectors
and More

Improving the function or reducing the cost.

A spe·ci·al·i·ty distributor of connectors.

Interconnects directly contribute to the size, weight, reliability, ruggedness, and overall performance of today’s electronics. With technology constantly changing, you can rely on BKR as a partner who can quickly and easily change with you.

BKR recognizes that in-depth product and application knowledge are key elements to providing solutions for customers. Technical assistance can be provided to buyers and engineers supporting customers from the design stage through manufacturing to the end of life.

BKR Electronics is a supplier of connectors, back shells and interconnect accessories for a large number of vendors. We are able to offer second sourcing and cross-referrals on many components helping to avoid long lead-times and sole source situations including the latest advances in a wide range of technologies for the most demanding applications in industries including medical, solar, industrial control, transportation, telecommunications, data communications, marine, defence and lighting.

Whether our customer’s need is big or small, each customer is given the same attention by our highly trained sales staff to help find the best small pitch, rugged, solder-less, buzzer, speaker, splice, or LED lighting solution for their specific application. We’ll even stock it for you going forward, even if you don’t know exactly how many you may need.

A major focus for BKR connectors includes requirement for critical applications in harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, salt spray, and rough terrain can contaminate or damage electrical connections and systems. The depth of our line of products includes a wide range of accessories designed to expand the functionality of the product lines.

Our connector vendors build every component from scratch to the final product, creating standardized & customized solutions using dedicated equipment in their hi-tech facilities, powered up with in-house technology. BKR ensures this is delivered directly into your hands.